General Terms & conditions

Unless otherwise agreed, orders can only be paid in advance at account number  NL44 INGB 0000 2702 46 from Maupertuus in The Hague.

When you place an order, don’t pay the amount due till after you've received confirmation of the order. The ordered goods will be send as soon as possible after the amount due has been received in our account.

The freight charges are determined by the total weight and shipping method. The amounts, as states in the order and our confirmation, will be charged. When an "action" article is included in the order, the order will be send free of shipping charges. This only applies to orders from The Netherlands.

You can choose to retrieve the ordered goods from the store, after the amount due is received by us (no shipping). This can be done during opening hours or otherwise by appointment.

Shipment of goods will take place at the expense and risk of the client.

Shipment of goods takes place in a manner we choose.

The goods at all times remain our property until full payment.

If unfortunately one of the ordered articles is not in stock, you will be informed about when the delivery will take place. If possible, we decide to partly supply the in stock Articles.

Subsequent deliveries will be supplied free, if payment of the total order is fulfilled.

Should an item prove to be discontinued, then the amount thereof will not be charged or, if paid is refunded to your account.

Complaints and / or complaints concerning deliveries must be expressed within fourteen (14) days after the date of the original invoice. The date of the complaint determines the consideration of the complaint.

Would you return something, please contact us first. If you do not, we can not accept returns and deliveries will therefore be rejected. If you return an "Action" article, the shipping will be charged for any items supplied. These shipping costs are deducted from the amount paid for the "action" article. If this deduction is not sufficient, the remaining charges will be charged.

Delivery of orders can only occur after any outstanding debts are paid.

We take care of proper packaging. The buyer needs to look at the condition of the packaging on delivery. Should a shipment arrive with a unexpected  outer damage, then the buyer has to put it  down in writing at the time of delivery with  the carrier / messenger. The carrier / messenger is responsible for proper handling of the goods transported by him.

Your goods will always be supplied at the price in our online store on the date of your order. This date is automatically put on your order. However, prices may change due to price increases by manufacturers and / or rate changes related to purchases outside EU countries. Note this article: Also reductions are possible through better procurement. We will not hesitate (if possible) to pass better purchase prices in our sales and to settle in your order.

After an update of our shop no claim can be made at prices stated in a previous publication for a subsequent order, nor can any right be derived here.

Official Faults are expressly reserved.

All our published prices include VAT.

In cases where these terms do not provide, the direction of Maupertuus decides in  fairness and reasonableness. Its decision will be binding.