June 4th, 2017 Blog: Building dolls house The Magpies

Part 1, June 4th, 2017:

We decided to put together a dolls House from "The Dolls House emperium". It is the house with the shop on the ground floor, called "The Magpies".

It is a project, off which we want to capture the progress, so that everyone can see, that building a Doll House is not difficult. Today we have made a start. First get all parts out of the packaging and check whether the kit is complete.

In the box next to the large wooden plates another box with the smaller parts is present.

And two boxes for the really small and vulnerable components. The Windows and the stairs, stair parts and the fence works. All parts and wood glue are provided and there is even a tube of Superglue provided. We don't yet know for which this in the box.

Before we can assemble the basics for the house, a few parts need to be glued to each other. Let's start with that. We begin with the back wall (step 1 and 2).

For this we need: masking tape, a brush and the supplied wood glue (save the lid against drying out of the glue). Please note the slots and holes on the parts. As a start (step 1) the components have to be laid upside down, so the masking tape can be placed on the right side. Place the parts straight to each other. After placing the masking tape turn the whole part around. (step 2) Put the part with the slit over the edge of the surface (e.g. the table edge) so the wood glue can be put on the slit. Then slide the whole part on the flat surface (e.g. table top), so that the parts with the slit be pushed tight against each other. Let this dry thoroughly.

Meanwhile, some other parts that have to be glued, can be assembled. This can dry in the same time as the previous glued parts, the back wall. There has to be glued an edge on the roof (step 32).

This edge is a reinforcement for the sliding roof.

The front end of the house must also be prepared with a bottom for the storefront (step 37). The storefront must be assembled at a later time.

Make sure that the bottom for the storefront is glued perpendicular to the front end and use masking tape to keep the glued parts in place.

Now everything has to dry before we can go further with the assembly of the house parts.

The needed items so far are beside the included wood glue are a brush for smearing the glue and masking tape for keeping the glued parts in place.

The next time we go on with the further assembly of the glued parts.